Whooping Cough Treatment

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Whooping cough knowingly as pertussis is a cough caused by bacterial infection that gets into your respiratory system, usually around nose and throat. It can spreads very easily, but vaccineslike DTaP and Tdap can help prevent it in children and adults.

Whooping cough symptoms
  1. At first, signs of whooping cough are particularly same with average cold symptoms:
  2. Mild coughing
  3. Sneezing
  4. Runny nose
  5. Low fever (below 102 F)
  6. Some case also have diarrhea at beginning.

The cough will shows typically sign of whooping cough, when the person cough it will end with a whooping sound, this whooping sound happened because the mucus gland doesn't produce mucus and it’s a dry cough. Sometimes it can cause your face to briefly turn red or purple.

When this cough attacked on some people, especially in whooping cough in adults’ case, some of the adults will have coughing spells. In Whooping cough in Infants case may not make the whooping sound or even cough, but infant can be gasping the air or just trying to catch their breath during these spells and even some infants will vomit.

Whooping Cough in Children’s
For babies Whooping cough is dangerous, especially younger babies under 6 months old. Some case those babies are needed to go to ER.

This cough can spreads through direct contact with oral secretions or respiratory droplets from another person who infected, like some example happened to a person who lived in the same house with patients or spread through sneezes and anything that spreads respiratory secretions.

Whooping cough originally because living organism infection called bacterial, so it can be treated with antibiotics same like another disease caused by bacterial; usually the antibiotics used to treat whooping cough are erythromycin for about 2 weeks.

The Tdap vaccines are recommended for adult, for kids with 11 or 12 years old following recipe and control by doctor. Adults can get vaccinate anytime; it doesn’t have to wait until the bacterial infected.

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