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Our tongue is essential for the talk, taste and swallowing. On the tongue is also seen, whether or not our body is healthy: the tongue is busy, burns and hurts them or is swollen, this can provide an important indication of a physical disease. We explain how a healthy tongue should look, what is behind a white, yellow or brown coating of the tongue and what you can do if your tongue hurts or is swollen

Function of the tongue
The tongue has several important functions for humans. First of all, it plays an important role at dinner: This ensures that that the food in the mouth moves. As a result, the food can be crushed and eingespeichelt. Swallowing makes the tongue then sure that dehydrated food into the mouth is pushed.
But the tongue is not only for the processing of food, but also for the taste of importance: total distinguish five kinds of taste: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and unami - that means as much as hearty and savory. Today, we know that there are no fixed areas of taste. However, the different flavours in certain areas are perceived particularly strong:
  1. Sweet on the tip of the tongue
  2. Sour and salty at the edges of the tongue
  3. Bitter at the back of the tongue
  4. UNAMI in the middle of the tongue

In addition to tasting and swallowing the tongue for speaking is essential. Because many sounds could not be formed without the help of the tongue. So the quality of the debate is about in Parkinson's patients, will decrease the mobility of the tongue in the course of time often.

Tongue and health
Our tongue reflects the State of health of our body: a disorder is present, this not infrequently is on the tongue to detect. It is therefore important that you regularly check your tongue - best to present a mirror with daylight.

Ideally, check the condition of your tongue right in the morning after getting up, before you brush your teeth or drink a cup of coffee. Check whether changes in the color or the shape you notice. If you discover something worrying you a doctor - at best a general practitioner or a dentist.

If the tongue is
In the healthy condition, our tongue is pale red, smooth and moist. It is covered with a thin white layer, which consists of bacteria, food residues and old cells. At dinner, or through a careful oral hygiene this deposit is usually rubbed off.
The tongue is strong, this indicates mostly a disease of the body. Depending on the color of the tongue coating are different diseases in question:
  1. White tongue coating: A thick, white tongue coating frequently suggests on gastro-intestinal problems. It can occur in the context of a cold. The white covering only right and left of the Middle Channel, is also a disorder of the pancreas can be the cause.
  2. Yellowish surface of the tongue: the tongue is slightly yellowish, is probably a fungal infection of the trigger. A furry feeling in the mouth often occurs in additionally. Slightly stronger yellows can, however, indicate a disorder of the biliary or liver.
  3. Red tongue coating (Himbeerzunge): A red tongue in infectious diseases such as Scarlet fever occurs frequently. Typically, the tongue is then small Thickenings. Other symptoms such as headache, abdominal pain, or pain in the area of the ribs, also a disease of the gastro-intestinal tract, the liver or the heart may be the cause. Burns the tongue Additionally, this indicates an inflammation of the tongue. In addition, it is also conceivable that the red tongue is caused by a vitamin B-12 deficiency.
  4. Brown tongue coating: A Brown coating of the tongue is raised mostly by errors in the intestine. Is the tongue Additionally swollen, also a kidney weakness may be the cause. A brownish coating on the tongue can be caused but also by certain foods or pleasure poisons.
  5. Gray surface of the tongue: the tongue is greyish discoloration, this may indicate an iron deficiency or an anaemia.
  6. Black tongue coating: A black tongue coating is also referred to as 'Hairy', because the tongue by a change of tongue papillae looks like hairy. Such a surface can occur as a side effect of treatment with antibiotics. In addition, a hairy tongue can indicate but also on serious diseases, which go hand in hand with a significant weakening of the immune system.

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