Hives: The right treatment

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Avoid the triggers
The treatment of urticaria disease is carried out in different steps. In the first step, it should be trying to avoid the triggers of hives. This is however only possible, if the cause of hives is known: they caused, for example, by certain foods such as nuts or spices, these foods should not be eaten. With other triggers such as heat or cold, a complete avoid of the stimuli is hardly possible.

Antihistamines relieve the symptoms
Taking antihistamines represents the second step in the treatment of hives. They inhibit the secretion of histamine in the body and thereby relieve the common symptoms. Because histamine provides the water retention in the skin and the unpleasant itching. The cause of hives is not treated by the ingestion of antihistamines, however.
You should check the exact dosage of antihistamines - which is usually significantly higher than hay fever – always with your doctor. For chronic hives, the tablets often over several months must be taken to achieve success.

Only briefly take cortisone preparations
To achieve a fast relief of complaints also glucocorticoids such as cortisone can be taken after consultation with a physician in the third step instead of antihistamines. As well as the antihistamines, cortisone contributes to a reduction of symptoms of hives. However, cortisone preparations should be only for severe disease gradients and even then only briefly taken as they can have severe side effects.

Find the cause of hives
In addition to treating the symptoms the hives treatment should in particular aim to find the shutter release button and the cause of the disease. A first step is a detailed conversation with the attending physician in which the patient accurately describes in which situations the typical symptoms of hives occur.

Depending on the suspected, the doctor will perform several tests - such as an allergy test or a provocation test -. A disease is the cause of hives, the treatment must aim to cure the underlying disease or to improve the health status of the patient.

Is a physical stimulus of the trigger of hives, this can often not completely avoided in everyday life. Therefore, it is important as accurately as possible to get to know the trigger for those affected. Hives caused, for example, by pressure, need to find out whether and which body parts are particularly sensitive, and the pressure must be as strong for the typical symptoms.

Hives: avoid stress
Due to the many different causes of hives it not uncommon, that doctor and patient can identify not the trigger of the complaints. Then, it can be helpful to keep a hives Diary by one quoted, in which situations the disease occurs over a longer period. Also necessary to try to avoid potential triggers such as stress or psychological pressure.

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