10 tips to lower blood sugar

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An elevated blood sugar level is a typical sign for a diabetes disease. Who suffers from diabetes, has mostly drugs for regulating blood sugar levels or inject themselves with insulin. However, a reduction in blood sugar levels is often also in a natural manner possible. We give you 10 tips on how you can reduce your blood sugar without drugs. Who not is suffering from diabetes, should take by the way also the 10 tips to heart, because they can prevent a diabetes disease.

Blood sugar and diabetes
The blood sugar level indicates how much is the amount of glucose in the blood. The glucose in the blood is an important supplier of energy for our bodies - mainly the brain and red blood cells derive their energy from glucose. The blood sugar level is regulated primarily through the two hormones, insulin and glucagon. While insulin lowers blood glucose levels, glucagon pushing him higher. In addition to glucagon also adrenaline, cortisol and thyroid hormones can contribute to an increase in blood sugar levels.

Insulin lowers blood glucose levels by transporting glucose from the blood into the cells. In the liver and muscle cells, glucose is then either stored or transformed into energy. This process decreases the blood sugar again.

This mechanism is however disturbed for a diabetes disease. While a lack of insulin is type 1 diabetes patients, although enough insulin is produced in type 2 diabetics, however insulin can no longer transport the glucose in the cells. In both cases it comes therefore to a permanently elevated blood sugar levels. This can lead to serious damage of nerves and vessels, as well as to the eyes and the kidneys in the long term.

Lower blood sugar--but how?
Usually tablets get prescribed diabetic patients of the doctor, which should increase the insulin production or improve insulin resistance. In many cases diabetics must inject regularly insulin itself, to regulate blood sugar levels.

In addition to these methods, blood sugar levels can be reduced but also by certain foods and behaviors. Despite such natural blood sugar-lowering medication must be taken often still.
10 tips to lower blood glucose levels are suitable for healthy people as well as for type 1 and type 2 diabetics. Who does not suffer from diabetes, can prevent through the tips of diabetes. Type 2 diabetics can reduce their blood glucose with the tips of course and thus increase their well-being. Type 1 diabetics can not compensate for while their insulin by the tips, however, this lack of less weight falls when the blood sugar level rises so mightily.

Tip to avoid 1: stress
If you are stressed out, produced the body of the stress hormone cortisol. This provides together with other hormones such as glucagon for that increase blood sugar levels. The more relaxed you are, the more positive affects on your blood sugar levels.

Do not create stress, especially relaxation techniques such as yoga or autogenic training are well suited. Deliberately incorporate relaxation breaks in your everyday life where you can do your exercises and specificly come to rest.

Also plenty of sleep is important to avoid stress. In studies proved that, that too little sleep has a surge of stress hormones to the result. This in turn ensure that increase blood sugar levels.

Tip 2: foods with low GI
Take mainly foods with a low glycemic index (GI): the glycemic index indicates how much a carbohydrate-rich food affects blood glucose levels. Glucose, which must be converted no longer and can be absorbed directly into the blood, has a glycemic index of 100. A foods with a glycemic index of 50 causes only a half so blood sugar rise compared to pure glucose.

Foods with a low glycemic index are whole grains, legumes, vegetables, and certain types of fruit. White flour products, dried fruit and sugar should, however, be avoided.

Tip # 3: reduce your weight
If you suffer from a type 2 diabetes and are overweight, you should necessarily work to reduce your weight. Because overweight favor the emergence of insulin resistance in the long term. Also, the need for insulin rises by the overweight. Conversely, this means that a weight reduction can lead to a lowering of blood sugar.

To achieve initial success, enough in many cases already a reduction of body weight by five percent within between six and twelve months – assuming that the weight remains permanently reduced. Obese diabetics recommend a monthly weight loss of one to two kilograms. Because larger weight loss usually not lasting weight reduction.

Tip # 4: too much fat
Fat should not be missing in the daily diet, however, the intakes may be too high. Recommended a daily dose of about 80 grams is fat.

This should sure especially to avoid foods with saturated fat. Because saturated fatty acids - which are mainly used in animal-based foods - promoting insulin resistance. Unsaturated fatty acids have a positive influence on the insulin resistance are, however, recommended. They are included, for example, in large volumes of fish and soy products.

Tip # 5: what you drink
Not only the food, but also certain drinks may lead to blood sugar levels soaring. These are mostly drinks that have a high sugar content. These include, for example, many fruit juices and sugary sodas.
However, mineral water or unsweetened tea are suitable for diabetics. Tea - particularly green tea - this particularly positive affect blood sugar levels. So, scientific studies demonstrated that green tea can lower the blood sugar. Thus, green tea prevents one of diabetes, can benefit from but also to the other in a pre-existing disease.

Tip # 6: Regularly Excercise
In sports, works your muscles more and it consumes more energy than in peace. Due to the increased energy consumption more glucose is burned and the blood sugar level drops. In addition counteracts adequate exercise of also insulin resistance. Enough exercise is when blood sugar levels are high but also important, because it makes.

If you have little or no sports have driven you must not overdo it: you start, that you go short distances on foot or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Or get a little fresh air on the weekend and take a long walk.

Tip # 7: use sweetener instead of sugar
While sugar pushes up blood sugar, sweetener has no carbohydrates that affect blood sugar levels. Thus, the blood glucose level is not changed by artificial sweetener.

Who wants to rely on artificial sweetener, can use Stevia instead. The stevia plant has a high sweetness and is therefore ideally suited as sugar and sweetener substitute. Stevia is particularly suitable for diabetics, because some of their ingredients may contribute to a reduction in blood sugar levels.

Tip # 8: foods with cinnamon
Cinnamon is one of the most effective blood sugar lowering at all. The blood sugar can be reduced significantly by regular use of cinnamon. Recommended a daily dose of at least a milligram is cinnamon.

To add enough cinnamon, you can flavor, for example, your tea or coffee with cinnamon. As well is a pinch of cinnamon in the morning Müsli or fruit salad. In addition, even hearty dishes such as rice pudding with a sprinkle of cinnamon can be refined.

Tip # 9: Eat enough fruit
Apples have a particularly beneficial effect on blood sugar. They contain namely large quantities of Ballaststoffs pectin. This ensures that the sugar is absorbed slowly food into the blood. Because pectin in the shell of an Apple is included, these should be eaten with absolutely. In addition to apples, carrots also have a substantial pectin content.

In addition to apples, a positive effect on blood sugar levels is said to also acidic citrus fruit such as pomelos and Grapefruits. For grapefruit, a Grapefruit seed extract for diabetics is recommended in addition to the pulp.

Eating enough fruit is also recommended for diabetics, since they absorb the adequate vitamin C and vitamins of the B group in this way. While vitamin C result symptoms of diabetes can be mitigated counteract the B vitamins of typical for diabetes damage to the nerves. Especially vitamin C is included in hips, Sea buckthorn, and red peppers, vitamin B, however, occurs in yeast, fresh sunflower seeds and soya flour in bulk.

Tip # 10: sufficient zinc and chromium
Make sure a sufficient supply of zinc and chromium: The trace element chromium a particularly large influence on lowering of blood sugar is said to. So, chromium in diabetic patients to improve insulin action and thus ensure an optimised regulation of blood sugar. However, a lack of chrome can have elevated blood sugar levels result. Chrome can be fed either supplements or whole-grain bread, lentils or chicken.

In addition to chrome affects also the trace element zinc regulation of blood glucose levels. Zinc among other things affect the formation of insulin, the insulin action and insulin resistance. Especially large amounts of zinc into oysters, wheat bran, Edam cheese, oats and sunflower seeds.

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