Value of blood sugar after a meal more important than fasting value

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"Why is the blood sugar measured yet always predominantly in the morning on an empty stomach?" So, Prof. Jaakko Tuomilehto of Finland recently asked a large diabetes Congress in Dresden. He presented a study which shows that just the blood sugar levels are important after the meal. You give not only provide information about whether a diabetic has his diabetes well. You are also on the risk of the dreaded secondary diseases and heart attack or stroke, for example.

Even in people who have still not diabetes, elevated blood sugar levels suggest after eating at an increased risk for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, diabetes experts in Dresden, Germany demanded that the blood sugar spikes should be respected after dinner.

Meal-related blood sugar spikes
Until recently, little importance was attached after dinner - the so-called meal-related blood sugar spikes - the phenomenon of increased blood sugar rise. Especially the fasting blood sugar was considered crucial for a good metabolic control in diabetic patients. According to the latest findings, the blood sugar value is even more important for the prognosis of the disease after eating.
In contrast, fasting blood sugar damage already temporary blood sugar spikes after eating sustainably the vessels, contribute to calcification of the arteries and lead to an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. Therefore, the new treatment strategies will enable increasingly important, a meal-related therapy.

Thats 2 diabetics just for type much, because for them the first, rapid phase of the body's insulin secretion is required to eat, is disturbed. Their insulin response comes too late and disproportionately increases the blood sugar after a meal. To achieve the insulin response as natural as possible, you can either take a diabetes pill directly to the food that stimulates insulin secretion, or spray is a fast effective insulin - both successfully cut the harmful blood sugar spikes and looks so much like the natural insulin response in a healthy person.

Good diabetes setting yet often not reached
What few know: recent studies show that in Europe about 22 per cent of all adults have elevated blood sugar levels after eating. Only about 5 percent of them are diabetes sick. Many diabetics are only detected if the disease has developed a piece. Most are unaware of their problem and are exposed to an increased risk.

Experts like Prof. Tuomilehto therefore demand that more attention should be the blood sugar levels after eating. Because the fasting blood sugar is often not as sufficiently meaningful. It is located in diabetics between 90 and 126 mg / dl or 5 and 7 mmol/l, they are mostly satisfied. But what about the blood sugar after eating?

Is this value only every now and then measured, the surprise is often large: for he may be easily twice as high as the regularly measured fasting value! This is actually also quite logical: truly man only in the second half of the night is sober. The rest of the day almost entirely so that the organism is employed to make use of recorded food. No wonder: We eat Yes not only once a day!

Fasting blood sugar only informs about the early morning
As a result, this realization that the treatment of diabetes should lean as far as possible on the natural means. For the practice, this means: to complications, which in the worst case cause death to avoid blood sugar levels must be determined after a meal next to the fasting blood sugar regularly. Is the only way possible to start that effectively cut the blood sugar spikes after eating and reduces the risk of late damage - at best even before it comes to the pronounced diabetes at an early stage with a treatment.
Prof. Tuomilehto showed these impressive numbers: if blood sugar levels are effectively reduced after meals, 40 percent could live longer more people!

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