Dry cough - what to do?

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Dry cough (dry cough) frequently occurs in the context of a cold, can have other causes. The coughing attacks are perceived as distressing and Rob those affected often at night to sleep. We reveal what causes behind dry cough can put and what helps against dry cough. We here present both over-the-counter and prescription medications as effective home remedies.

Cold as possible cause
Cough is no stand-alone picture of the disease, but a symptom that may occur in the context of various diseases. Dry cough can indicate inter alia on asthma bronchial asthma, an inflammation of the pleura as well as a disease of the heart or stomach. As well, certain medications, such as ACE inhibitors, a dry cough can trigger. Dry cough occurs most often in the course of a cold.

Dry cough: Haunting in the night
A cold viruses enter the body, become lodged in the mucous membranes and cause inflammation in there. Become irritated mucous membranes in the throat, the cough reflex is triggered by a neural signal on the cough Center. When the mucous membranes are no longer lit, also the cough no longer occurs.

Cough that occurs in the context of a cold, distinguishes between dry tickly cough (unproductive cough) and cough (productive cough) discharge. Dry tickly cough occurs in the first phase of the infection and is often very difficult to feel. Only in the second phase, when the educated mucus can be coughed out, those affected by the cough feel relief.

Dry cough in children
Not only adults, but also children are affected by dry cough. A cold is the cause, treatment with home remedies is recommended for milder diagram first. Make as a parent also making sure that your child takes sufficient fluid to.

Stop the cough over a period of time or in addition to fever and pain occur, you should consult a doctor. This can determine the exact cause of irritable cough--possibly this may indicate bronchial also an allergy or an early asthma. In children under two years of age, just in case always a doctor should be consulted on.

Home remedies for dry cough
As home remedy for dry cough, care must be taken exactly like other cold symptoms to a sufficient fluid intake. Instead of drinking larger amounts at once, you should best small SIPs tea or soup to take. Watch out also for a sufficiently high air humidity in the rooms: Ventilate regularly and adjust if needed a bowl of water on the heater.
In addition, there are various home remedies for dry cough:
  1. Onion syrup: Slice an onion into pieces and also give some honey or sugar. Allow at least an hour pull the bulb and take then breakfast, lunch and dinner each one tablespoon of onion broth.
  2. Hustentee: among other teas in the varieties of Mallow, Coltsfoot, fennel and oregano are recommended. Or you mix yourself a Hustentee made from different ingredients together: take, for example, ten grams Icelandic Moss, as well as five grams of aniseed, hibiscus roots, Coltsfoot, Lungwort, plantain and licorice.
  3. Inhalation: Inhaling helps dry cough to moisten the dry mucous membranes and thus calms the cough reflex. Suitable accessories are including table salt, camomile or thyme.
  4. Potato wrap: Give several warm, mashed potatoes in a towel and wrap it around your chest. Previously, check the temperature of the wrap on a resistant body. Wear the wrap as long as you feel the heat as pleasant.

Drugs used for dry cough
Drugs used for the treatment of dry tickly cough, which satisfy the coughing (Antitussives). Some drugs reduce the cough Center, others inhibit the cough receptors in the bronchi or reduce the transduction. Suitable medication with the active ingredients are codeine, dihydrocodeine, dextromethorphan, Narcotine, or Pentoxyverin.

Drugs with codeine, dihydrocodeine, or Narcotine are available by prescription. Codeine and dihydrocodeine should not be used for a longer period, since you can make depending on. Because the cough reflex is an important protective reflex, dry cough medicines should be taken only, if the cough is so pronounced that a treatment with home remedies has no effect.

Herbal medicines
There are also various herbal products available for treating dry cough. They are slightly less effective than the above mentioned drugs, have also no unpleasant side effects. Treat cold-induced dry cough, herbal products enough usually. Among funds with Marshmallow root, plantain herb or Mallow leaves have proven.

Recommended Moss pastilles are Icelandic. Through the sucking of pastilles, moistens the mucous membranes in the throat and alleviated the cough reflex. In addition, the slime-forming sugars in the Icelandic ensure MOSS that settles a protective film over the dry mucous membranes. As a result they can calm down and the dry cough subsides.

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